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Randy's Adventure tells the story of a young man named Randy and his first adventure. Longing to be like the great adventurer his father was, Randy sets out on an epic quest to find an adventure, and save the day. Little does he know, the adventure he is about to embark upon will change his life forever.
Along the way Randy can:
Take place in democracy and vote on a new mayor!
Visit a well known and respected Church, and maybe even meet God?
Help two whizkids with some computer problems!
Solve the case of a lifetime with Detective Hero Jasper Deacon!
Answer the Great Shamwoops riddle and save a village from certain destruction!
Find love???
And Much Much More!

Install instructions

Download the file.
Extract it wherever you wanna put that bad boy.
The game will be in the extracted folder!


Randys Adventure.exe 496 MB

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